Additional Services

Summit Fleet is here to help you with the additional services that are required to ensure your fleet is operating efficiently. We’ve partnered with leading companies in the following areas so you can focus on your business.

Accident Management

We reduce cost, stress and work associated with an accident. There are more important things to worry about when an accident happens than what is going to happen with the vehicle. Let us worry about that.

Road-Side Assistance

If the manufacturer’s warranty has run out we will be there to cover you. Dead batteries? Flat tires? Ran out of fuel? We get you back on track.

Taxable Benefits

Collecting monthly mileage, generating reports, complicated tax benefit calculations. This is time consuming, complicated and stressful for you. Let us handle it.

Driver Safety

Ensuring proper driver habits and performance. It's good business. It takes care of the vehicle assets, lowers operating costs, and lowers insurance premiums.

License Renewals

Annual license renewals are time consuming and a crucial part of fleet that’s easily forgotten. We have close relationships with the registries and brokers in each province so that we can take that off your plate.

Call Center

We will negotiate warranty and savings on your behalf. Call center operators have access to licensed techs, maintenance history records on each vehicle allowing them to effectively find the best arrangements for your fleet.