About Us

In the Spring of 2011, the large fleet assets of a privately held leasing and fleet management company were sold to a family group based in the United States. Pre-sale, the company’s western region was primarily responsible for the growth of products, services and most importantly business development in the large fleet market.

Several key members in the Calgary and Edmonton offices were affected by the transaction and began to review their personal options.

The vision was clear to some. Based on their experiences in the market and their challenges working for a National Fleet Management company headquartered in Toronto, they felt there was a real opportunity for an authentic Western Canadian based Fleet Management company.

The team set out to build a well-funded organization with a strong and experienced team that truly understood the unique challenges of operating a fleet in the western region. The company would be headquartered in Alberta, would be easy to do business with, and would not be constrained by the challenges experienced by the large national competitors who are busy trying to be “everything to everyone everywhere.”

Kaizen Automotive Group was the perfect organization to assist in executing this vision, and now, Summit Fleet Management is well on its way to realizing the opportunity.

Our Mission

Vision = Destination

To be the fleet management company of choice in the markets we serve.

Mission = Journey

Guided by our Core Values we will:

  • Be easy to do business with
  • Put people first, and use the best technology to support them
  • Create and maintain an environment of constant improvement
  • Leverage our industry specific best-in-class experience with our customers
  • Focus on results
  • Hire and retain the best
  • Give back to the community